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Divorce Attorneys for Divorce with Special Needs Kids - Family Law of North Texas


February 9, 2024

Divorce Involving Children With Special Needs

Most divorces can be difficult and life-changing for everyone, especially if there are children involved, and the needs and best interests of children should always be a priority.

Family Law

Family Law Of North Texas — Child Custody Lawyer


December 5, 2023

Frisco Child Custody Modification Attorney

Divorce is difficult, but when children are involved, it is even harder. Child custody is often determined as part of the divorce. Sometimes, the parents agree on the terms ahead of time, and other times, the judge decides for them. Whatever the case, both parties are legally bound to abide by the terms of the order.

Family Law

Family Law of North Texas — Experienced Family Law Attorneys


December 4, 2023

Collin County Family Law Attorney

Family law matters are often emotionally charged and rife with conflict. Whether it's divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, or another familial matter, it is usually going to be tough. It helps to have strong, experienced legal representation on your side to help you get through it.

Family Law

Uncontested Divorce, Collin County - Brooks & Radchenko Law


April 11, 2023

Uncontested Divorce Collin County

Divorce is not easy. It can be emotionally draining and sad to see a marriage come to an end. Even if the relationship hasn’t worked for some time, it is still hard to face that final step and dissolve the union that you created with someone else. But the truth is, some divorces are more difficult than others.

Family Law

Frisco Divorce Lawyer - Brooks & Radchenko Law


March 29, 2023

Frisco Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce, even after a short marriage, can be one of the most challenging times of your life. When you must go through this process, having a Frisco divorce lawyer by your side who knows the laws in Texas and can walk with you during divorce cases can be invaluable.


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