Case Results

Child Custody

We represented a mother who had lost custody of her children due to drug use. When she contacted us, she had been clean for a year, undergone therapy, held a stable job, and was renting an apartment. Despite the typical one-year waiting period in Texas after parental rights are revoked for drug use, we took her case earlier.

After personally assessing her commitment to recovery, we filed a petition backed by two months of clean tests. We negotiated a gradual visitation program with the opposing counsel. Our client excelled at every opportunity, progressing from regular to overnight, unsupervised visits.

Within six months, she regained primary custody of her child. Our strategy was to give her the chance to prove her fitness as a parent, which she did admirably. Seeing clients fight for their children and the joy of family reunification makes our work deeply rewarding.

Divorce — Uncontested
Guided clients to fair divorce agreements, ensuring equitable asset division.

We have represented numerous individuals who have substantially agreed to the terms and conditions of a Divorce. At our client’s request, we helped navigate them into a very fair agreement. Despite not representing both parties, our clients were able to use our knowledge to help ensure that all assets were equally divided and properly addressed, preventing post-divorce complications.

Divorce — High asset
Uncovered hidden income, argued community assets, and secured swift resolution.

In a high-stakes divorce case where both parties owned million-dollar businesses, our client suspected hidden revenue. We hired experts to look into business records, which revealed assets funneled into a family-owned company. Presenting this to opposing counsel, we argued a significant portion was a community asset, resulting in a swift and amicable resolution. We provided our client with a true and accurate business revenue assessment, ensuring that we addressed all avenues of community income.


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