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A divorce in Texas, like anywhere else, can be a deceptively complex endeavor. Don’t try to represent yourself unless you have no children and no disputes, neither spouse has any significant assets, and your spouse has not hired a Dallas divorce attorney. Since that’s unlikely, your best bet is to contact a divorce attorney in Dallas, TX with the experience required to maximize your interests. That would be us.

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Our Top Divorce Attorney in Dallas Is Here to Help

As a top Dallas divorce law firm, we can assist you with either a contentious or an amicable divorce. With personal attention to your concerns, our Dallas divorce attorney can help you craft a solution that fits your individual needs and priorities.

We have successfully represented both fathers and mothers, and we enjoy a strong record of increasing our clients’ child support and alimony awards. Contact Family Law of North Texas immediately if you need legal aid for a Dallas, TX divorce. We serve clients across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

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Aspects of Divorce Cases That We Handle

Family Law of North Texas is a comprehensive family law firm, in the sense that we handle a multitude of family law matters. Below is an introduction to some of the aspects of divorce cases that we frequently handle, including property division, legal separation, and more.

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Contested Divorces

At their worst, contested divorces can get ugly, expensive, drawn-out, and harmful to the interests of everyone involved. We will do our best to prevent this from happening. Business owners and high-asset couples are most likely to get into conflict during a divorce.
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Uncontested Divorces

The most important concern in an uncontested divorce is to keep it uncontested, while at the same time protecting your best interests and the interests of your children. Uncontested divorces tend to be relatively quick and cheap.


Mediation is one way to turn a contested divorce into an uncontested divorce. It can also save you a lot of money and time. Mediators facilitate solutions, but they represent neither party and they cannot impose an agreement on divorcing spouses.
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Divorce Planning

The more thoroughly you plan for your divorce, the smoother it is likely to go, and the fewer conflicts are likely to arise later. Divorce planning includes inventorying assets, distinguishing marital and separate property, and coming up with a parenting plan.
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Property and Asset Valuation and Division

If you own significant assets, especially if they were generated during the marriage, valuation is critical to allow for an equitable division of property. Important tax implications can arise as well. We can contact financial experts who can help you accurately value your assets.
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Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support are perhaps the two most contentious issues in most contested divorces. These issues require a delicate touch because of the innocent parties involved.

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Texas divorce law is complex and arcane. Even if you anticipate an amicable divorce, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you reach the best outcome. Contact Family Law of North Texas, divorce lawyers in Dallas, TX, for a free consultation so that we can discuss your options.

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Dallas, Texas Divorce Laws

Dallas divorce laws are Texas divorce laws because, in Texas, divorce law is state law. That doesn’t mean that results can’t vary in local courts, however. Different courts can look at the same issues differently. Some of the features of Dallas, TX divorce law include:

  • You don’t have to have been married in Texas to get a Texas divorce.
  • Texas applies residency requirements to the spouse who files for divorce: six months in Texas and three months in the county where the divorce petition is filed.
  • Texas is a community property state. 
  • Texas recognizes both fault-based and no-fault divorce.
  • Texas applies a mandatory 60-day “cooling off” period, which represents the minimum time necessary to get a divorce. 
  • Texas courts strongly encourage reconciliation, even after one party has filed a divorce petition.
  • The “best interests of the child” standard take priority over the interests of either of the divorcing spouses.

A divorce in Dallas, Texas can get complicated very quickly, even if it doesn’t start that way. Such is the inherent nature of the conflicts that typically erupt during a divorce.

Divorce Process in Texas

The typical Texas or Dallas County divorce process works something like this:

  • One spouse petitions for divorce.
  • A spouse may seek temporary orders, if necessary (restraining orders, etc.).
  • The parties gather evidence during the court-supervised discovery process.
  • The divorcing spouses engage in settlement negotiations or mediation.
  • The divorcing spouses go to trial if the couple cannot agree on the terms of the divorce.
  • The court issues a final divorce decree.

The terms of the divorce (child support payments, for example) can change after the court issues a final divorce decree if circumstances change. A divorce attorney in Dallas, TX can help guide you.

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Our Top Divorce Attorney in Dallas - Fort Worth

Headshot of Halina Radchenko, Founder, Family Law of North Texas

Halina Radchenko

Halina Radchenko, a dedicated legal professional, is passionate about assisting people during challenging legal situations and specializes in Family Law and Personal Injury. Her commitment to justice extends beyond the courtroom; she served as the President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, championing significant reforms and achieving the long-awaited passage of the wrongful death bill.

  • Order of the Barrister recipient, recognizing outstanding advocacy skills.
  • Active member of prestigious legal associations, including NYSTLA, Brooklyn Woman’s Bar Association, and New York State Bar Association.

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Why Choose Family Law of North Texas, Top Divorce Attorneys in Dallas, TX?

Following are just a few of the reasons why we’re the best divorce lawyers in Dallas, Texas:

Personal attention
As a two-attorney firm, you are more than just a case number to us. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide compassionate support with a personal touch.
Our attorneys come from diverse backgrounds and enjoy a wealth of experience in all aspects of litigation, as well as resolving disputed matters at mediation and handling jury and bench trials.
Serving as President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association in 2021-2022, Halina Radechenko accomplished vital legal reforms, including the passage of the long-awaited wrongful death bill. This victory underscores the importance of family law reforms in ensuring justice for individuals and highlights her commitment to securing justice for her clients.
Negotiation skills
We can help you reach an amicable solution without sacrificing your best interests.

Our Successful Cases

Following are examples of some of our recent results:

Obtained a not guilty verdict for a client criminally accused of domestic violence. The criminal matter would have had an effect on the final custody determination. Halina and her team helped the client in his criminal matter to ensure that we could fight for him to obtain more time with his child moving forward.
We overturned a temporary order of custody returning a child into primary possession of his father prior to a final determination hearing.
We returned a baby girl to her mom after they were separated for a year because of false accusations of the father. The mom was reunited with her younger daughter as the full time custodian. She was also able to obtain expanded visitation rights with her oldest daughter who is in the primary custody of her father.
Won custody on a pretty tough case. A child was taken from his mother where he lived his entire life. The father was on the run staying at various trailer parks and hotels. We were nervous that we would not be able to serve him. We worked with our local investigator. We found the child and the father, served him, and were able to reunite the mother with her child.
We were able to give temporary custody to a woman who was being verbally and physically abused by her husband. She is an immigrant and he would consistently use her immigration status against her by telling her he would have her deported and take her son. When she was ready to leave he tried to file orders of protection and made up allegations. We were able to file an emergency motion asking for our own order of protection, asking that the mother be named temporary primary guardian and we won.
We were able to reunite a child with his father. In this case, the child was in the primary custody of the mother and the father had a right of visitation. We appeared at a hearing where testimony was taken from the mother and the father. We also had a home study conducted on the home of both parents. We found that the mother was neglectful in that she did not help the child with his homework, she allowed him to play endless hours of video games, and the child sustained bruises and burns in her custody. After the hearing, the judge ruled that the father should be the primary guardian while allowing the mother visitation rights with the child.
Represented a man in a child custody matter. During the pendency of that matter, his girlfriend accused him of family violence. We defended the man in his criminal activities. In that action, there was no proof of violence. No photos of the injuries and no medical records documenting any injuries. The complaint was made almost 1, 1/2 months following the alleged incident. A full criminal trial was held. We held a full criminal jury trial. The man was acquitted on all charges.

These are only a few of many examples

Featured Clients Testimonials



Car accidents case

Halina Radchenko was so hardworking when she was handling my car accident. Unlike with other attorneys, I always felt supported and confident with her help, and I could not be more pleased with the results!



Divorce Case

I really needed a lawyer and a law firm that would go above and beyond for me, and not make me feel like another name on the roster. My trial went smoothly, and I couldn’t be more grateful!



Slip and Fall Case

If you live in Dallas and need a personal injury lawyer, I could not recommend Halina and her team more! Professional, communicative, and hardworking, I never anticipated feeling so cared for and heard by a lawyer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my attorney represent both me and my spouse?


    No, not even in an amicable divorce. Since you two are divorcing, representing both of you would be engaging in a conflict of interest. This is an ethical violation that would subject us to sanctions. It is possible, however, to have a single neutral attorney mediate your disputes. This attorney would represent neither of you.

  • What is the cost of a divorce in Dallas, Texas?


    A divorce in Dallas, TX could be very expensive or it could be relatively cheap. The less conflict, the fewer assets to divide, and the fewer children from the marriage, the cheaper a divorce will be. According to USA Today, in 2020 the average cost of a Texas divorce was $15,600 with no children and $23,500 with children.


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